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We Place People First

We are a recruitment outsourcing partner that allows facilities with core and contingent staffing challenges to scale and retain their workforce, reduce operational costs, and provide exceptional care through our superior service and best in class technology.

Why Choose TMS

Navigating the complicated travel healthcare staffing market is hard. Trusted Managed Services is dedicated to being a strategic partner for healthcare facilities by empowering them with best in class technology and high level industry knowledge.

Streamlined Onboarding

Streamlined Onboarding

All the necessary onboarding items and FDIs are handled for you, making a clear path for staff to hit the ground running on day one.


Superior Analytics

Our technology can help you manage top-tier talent while utilizing your budget as efficiently as possible.


Customizable Reports

All reports are customizable and can be generated and sent on a recurring basis. We provide access to reporting in real time.


Negotiable Conversion Fees

We are able to negotiate the fees for converting contingent staff after 26 weeks of assignment.


Vendor Neutral

Our MSP agreement is non-exclusive. TMS believes that facilities should have options for a diverse portfolio of suppliers.


Auto Offers

With a facilities request, we can have our Clinical Director interview each contractor and provide auto offers for each opening.

Flexible Per Diem Pool Icon

Flexible Per Diem Pool

Gain access to an on-demand per diem/part time pool of contingent staff available to use at your discretion.

Integrations Icon


Our technology can seamlessly integrate with all electronic time keeping/ ERP/HRIS and various other third-party systems.

RPO Icon


You will have access to a dedicated account manager responsible for daily recruiting tasks at your facility. Most times, on site.

At A Glance

We take pride in our work, and we've got the numbers to back it up.


Accessible nurses and allied candidates


Staff on assignment each week

Working with an MSP

Working with an MSP saves you the headache of compliance, FDIs, invoicing, time tracking, reporting, and communicating with multiple vendors.

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Cost savings

When you work with an MSP you will achieve better cost control measures amongst your your staffing vendors

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Improved Visibility

You'll have access to detailed reporting, workforce analytics and insights that allow for more informed contingent labor decisions

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Speed of Operation

You'll increase your overall program efficiency by getting quicker access to quality talent, and reducing vacancy rates faster

Workforce Management

To offer the highest standard of care, you need the most experienced professionals. For 15 years, we have worked with nurses and facilities to understand needs and execute solutions.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What does it cost?

Our MSP comes at no cost to your facility.

Can you provide permanent staff?

Yes, we can.

If something goes wrong, how will you support me?

Trusted Managed Services is Joint Commission Certified, so we will handle everything should something go wrong.

What kind of facilities do you work with?

Trusted Managed Services works with hospitals, long-term care, and rehab centers.

Am I too small to need an MSP?

Due to labor shortages across all industries, facilities are all in competition for the same pool of candidates. It will only benefit you to have as many suppliers and as much help as you can to get the appropriate staffing in place.

What do you do that we don't already do?

Working with an MSP can relieve incredible amounts of administrative burden on your staff while decreasing your contingent labor spend. We accomplish this by providing you one singular point of contact, easy access to billing and timekeeping, compliance outsourcing, a streamlined hiring process, streamlined onboarding, robust and scalable reporting, and more.

Is your pay competitive?

We provide competitive pay, health insurance, and other attractive benefits to contingent staff that will keep you highly competitive with larger facilities or facilities in more populated areas.

What is RPO?

RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. As an RPO partner, your facility gains access to our industry specific job boards and costly databases, allowing us to offer roles in your organization directly to qualified clinicians seeking permanent or temporary work in your area.

Do you provide onsite onboarding?

Yes, a representative from our team can be as available as you need them to be.

Can I still use my current vendors?

Our MSP agreement is non-exclusive. TMS believes that facilities should have options and maintain a diverse portfolio of suppliers.

Is there a charge for converting temp staff to full time?

TMS will not charge a fee for converting travelers to staff after 26 weeks of assignment. We understand the predicament that healthcare facilities are facing in this labor market and our goal is to alleviate it as much as possible.

Does your VMS integrate with my timekeeping system?

Yes, our VMS can seamlessly integrate with all major ERP/HRIS and various other third-party systems.

What is an MSP?

A healthcare MSP will take over your entire recruitment, onboarding, and management process, from beginning to end. An MSP is vital to your organization, as it automates and offloads much of the time consuming and labor-intensive tasks that bog down your human resources and administrative staff. Your MSP partner will help you reduce costs, improve processes, and automate and manage tasks that hospitals, clinics and facilities once had to manage all by themselves.

How do I access my reports/data?

Reports and data can be accessed through our VMS. All reports are customizable and can be generated and sent on a recurring basis if desired. We provide access to reporting in real time.
Some examples of reporting include:

  • Total contract labor spend by quarter
  • Time to fill certain orders
  • Average length of assignments
  • Hours/spend per unit
  • Hours/spend per shift
  • Hours/spend per nurse

Do I need to use contingent staff?

Using contingent staff allows you to keep extra staff on during busy seasons, flu season, the winter months, etc. and reduce staffing costs when the additional staff is not needed.

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